We’re looking for someone — actually a few someones — to find Nebraska’s hidden stories. Truthtellers. Diggers. People who hold truth to power and punch up. Reporters with the desire and ability to go deeper. Reporters who expose inequities, who hold our institutions accountable. People committed to journalism that matters.

You should have clips that demonstrate your ability to weave together documents, anecdotes and human stories to expose bad actors and right wrongs. Commitment to the mission matters more than exact beats or expertise. Whether you’re a government watchdog, environmental expert, data sleuth, document wrangler, legislative whiz, narrative writer and/or an expert in all the myriad flavors of everyday grift, you’d bring something worthwhile to a brand-new team out to make a splash.

We are seeking a number of reporters across the experience spectrum. Investigative reporters, data reporters, equity reporters and more. The roles — and the organization itself — will adapt to the fantastic journalists we bring on board.

If this sounds like a place you’d thrive, we want to hear from you. Don’t hesitate to apply.

We are dedicated to building a newsroom that reflects the people we cover. We are committed to diversity and building an inclusive environment for people of all backgrounds and ages. Our first official policy enshrined journalistic independence and integrity. Our second committed us to representing everyone in our work and deeds. We especially encourage members of traditionally underrepresented communities to apply, including women, people of color, LGBTQ people and people with disabilities.


Time. You won’t need to be at the school board meeting. You won’t have to cover sentencings or car accidents or press conferences — unless you think it’s part of a larger story. We don’t react to news. We advance it. The Flatwater Free Press will publish 1-2 stories a week, with some coming from freelancers. Our full-time reporters will have the time to report and tell a story in all its nuance, with an expected output of roughly 20-30 stories a year.
Support. The entire organization, from the board to the reporters, is made up of people who love journalism and love Nebraska. We will go to the mat to fight for records, take on that abusive jerk on Twitter, and work by your side to get that lede just so. We also understand that this work has a toll. We support our staff as full humans.
Creativity. This is a new venture, and part of the fun is making it what we want it to be. These positions are full partners in that effort. Want to build a cool interactive graphic? Start a podcast? Write a comic book? Something no one’s ever tried before? Great! We’ll get you the tools and support to make it happen. We experiment often and fail quickly in reflecting our staff’s passions.


Pay. $45-70,000 per year, depending on experience.
Benefits. Health, dental, vision, with the company shouldering 80% of costs for the employee and all dependents.
Vacation. Up to four weeks, with an additional office-wide shutdown during the holiday season.


The Flatwater Free Press is a project of the Nebraska Journalism Trust, set to launch this September. Our mission is to complement the work of Nebraska’s existing media, focusing on two vital areas: investigations and incredible storytelling. Our tagline: “Important stories. Well told.”
Our generous founding donors are all either in Nebraska or have strong Nebraska ties. We are sustainable. We look to grow through large grants and building our membership.
We have applied for 501c3 status and are currently an affiliated fund of the Nebraska Community Foundation. We are platform agnostic, and have agreements with media across the state to distribute our work in print, online, on television and radio. We seek an equal mix of stories that reflect border-to-border, statewide issues; those from the state’s major metros of Omaha and Lincoln; those from outside the major metros; and those of traditionally underserved communities.


…or just don’t want to wrestle with a form? Contact Matt Wynn at